camgirlsguideНадо было бы подождать до завтра, но мне не терпится рассказать о новом чтиве здесь и сейчас.
(Модели — останьтесь, остальные покиньте аудиторию или ведите себя тихо).
На Амазоне появилась наконец-то книжка прекрасной Rachel Cherry Independent Camgirl’s Guide. Это с любовью и знанием дела написанный мануал для вебкам-моделей, к моей радости наконец-то включающий в себя не только рассказ о том, что такое вебка и с чем ее едят. Помимо приятных, доступно изложенных (разжеванных и в рот положенных) tips & tricks, в книжке найдутся советы для работающих в скайпе, инструкции по адалт-seo для начинающих, мануал по работе с соц. сетями и многое, многое другое. Единственный минус — на английском, что может не всех устроить, но читается легко и особых сложностей не вызывает.
Стоит недорого, доставляется вам прямо в киндл (или с чего вы там читаете обычно), гарантированно даст пищу для размышления.
Ну и несколько цитат для привлечения внимания:
So… what are the signs that the person you are talking with is not going to buy a show? Here’s what I’ve found out so far (of course, those are not 100% true and there can be exceptions but as a rule, almost every time I encountered one of those “flags”, it turned out to be a waste of time):
• He starts with telling you in details about how horny he is and asks if you want to see him.
• He asks for a 5 seconds preview because “he’s been burnt before”.
• He says he’s sending the payment already and that he wants you to start the show before money hits your account.
• He starts with “hiiii” (the more i’s you see, the less chances that this is a legit buyer).
• He starts with a call before even talking with you.
• He says “call me” after you ask him any question.
• He tries to get you to talk dirty in text asking you about what cocks you like, what you favorite position is, etc. (in case you were not sure he is jerking off).

Don’t do a free preview. Of course, ultimately it is your choice but in my (and many other girls) experience asking for a free sneak peek before buying a show has always been a time-wasting strategy of people who don’t intend to pay. I smile every time I see somebody try to“gain my sympathy with their “I’ve been burnt before”. They have not but you will be after you give a dozen of free previews for nothing. Here’s what I do instead: I have a “cam check” page on my personal website that has:
• a little preview video of myself (under a minute) where I introduce myself and hold a sign with my Skype name,
• several pictures of me holding the same site (all fully dressed, teasing, smiley and happy),
• a list of sites that I am verified on,
• link to a page with reviews from my customers.
That’s more than enough to prove I am legit and I look like my pictures. I send the link to everyone who asks for a preview and if after that they still insist they need to see me “for a minute” before they pay, I block them. Sometimes camgirls offer live previews for a small fee (like $2-5), so you might consider that as an option. I personally don’t do it because “real” customers are 100% satisfied with my verification page, and time-wasters won’t pay anyway.

Customers want to be entertained. If entertainment includes nudity, it’s wonderful, but boring nudity is not making people want to come back and see you again. If your show is always based on you getting naked and playing with yourself, your regulars will get bored even if they really love you. Come on, they have seen that already. If you don’t want to lose them, give them something new that makes them go “wow”.

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